A request!

pls help

Hello there - it’s my favorite time of the week, begging!

I wrote this children’s book for adults about drug development for fun. It was indeed fun.

So now three requests:

1) If you know of life sciences companies that would want to give this to their employees as a gift, you should send it to them (or send them to me)

2) If you did buy a copy, it would mean a lot if you left a review. Sure for some ego stroking or something, but also because our world is governed by algorithms!!

Link here to make it easy - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CWM8QZW?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

3) As per usual, if you’re enjoying the newsletter consider telling a friend. I’m trying to spread the gospel of making healthcare more accessible, but it relies on me leaning on readers to help. I could “growth hack” my way into success with the less savory tactics that many other newsletters use, but I respect people’s inbox too much to do that.

Thanks again to everyone that purchased a copy of the book and has been part of my support system through this journey. It’s been weird to launch all this stuff during a pandemic, so I appreciate everyone that has sent kind words, helped me riff on ideas, etc.

Hope everyone is staying safe!



P.S. If you need some light weekend reading, may I suggest my Teladongo analysis from earlier this week. It bangs.

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