I need help :)

5 minutes of your time will help me a lot

Hello there!

TLDR: Please fill out this 10 question survey to help me figure out who you people are. If you do I’ll send you some 2021 healthcare predictions. If you don’t I’ll be sad.

I have a request for you all. As I’ve mentioned a few times, my goal is to always have a free version of this newsletter because I want to get new people interested healthcare and make the information free-flowing.

I’m experimenting with a few different business models and products coming out next year including sponsored job listings, ads, and courses. But to do that effectively I need to get a better sense of the audience on the newsletter.

If you feel like you’ve been getting value out of this newsletter, would you mind answering this 10 question survey? Your name is two separate questions so really it’s like 9 questions. If it takes you more than 5 minutes I’ll personally come to your doorstep and cry while apologizing and do 5 minutes worth of tasks for you.

I’m going to take this data, de-identify it, and turn it into some charts and graphs that potential sponsors like to see in terms of seniority and departments that are on the newsletter.

As an incentive - for anyone that completes the survey I’ll send email you some of my predictions for 2021. Most will probably be wrong, but it’ll be fun to make some guesses.

In the survey I included an optional question about your predictions for next year, and will include some of the interesting ones as responses (name or anonymous).

I will not be posting these in the main newsletter so you’ll have to fill out the survey to get them :)

Thanks again for joining me in the Out-Of-Pocket journey and I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Please help your boi out and fill out the survey so I can make Out-Of-Pocket a sustainable business.

Thinkboi out,

Nikhil aka. “wow email segmentation is hard”

Twitter: @nikillinit

IG: @outofpockethealth

If you’re enjoying the newsletter, do me a solid and shoot this over to a friend or healthcare slack channel and tell them to sign up. The line between unemployment and founder of a startup is traction and whether your parents believe you have a job.

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