I wrote a children's book about clinical trials


Hello. I uh, for some reason wrote a children’s book for adults about how drug development and clinical trials work.

You can find it here:


It’s got lots of digs at the clinical trial complex, and cute pictures of a mouse doing double-blind placebo controlled trials.


Also…if any of you happen to work at biopharma companies, CROs, research departments, etc. I’m trying to get this book in waiting rooms + make it a part of employees on-boarding gifts :) So if you know anyone or have thoughts on how to make that happen lmk!


1) Why did you do this?

Just cause

2) What’s it like to self-publish a book?

It is incredibly easy. Like shockingly easy. Like what if this was just a huge book of lies???

Anyway I wrote about the experience here too

3) Is this a good book for children?

I mean the pictures are cute and great for kids. Do I think your 2 year old child will come away from this understanding the difference between phase I through III clinical trials are?


4) Is this available as an e-book or kindle?

Working on it!

More seriously, hope you all enjoy the book! If you do happen to buy it and want to leave a review that would be swell.

Thinkboi out,

Nikhil aka. “officially a soon-to-be failed author”

Twitter: @nikillinit

IG: @outofpockethealth

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